Growing Moby

Moby is an ideal option for the hay market due to its rapid establishment, large leaf size and good disease resistance.

Moby is an early maturing, 6 row white seed awnless barley with excellent winter growth and rapid establishment.  Moby will tolerate multiple grazings until the production of the first node. 

Being winter active, Moby offers an extended sowing window compared to forage oats from mid-autumn to mid-winter.  Seeding vigour in Moby is exceptional; being first to grazing in all Pasture Genetics forage cereal trials conducted to date. 

Moby has shown significant versatility, adapting to a large range of sowing conditions and environments.  Disease resistance appears typical of other commercial barley cultivars with good net blotch resistance, adequate field leaf scald and spot blotch resistance.

Maturity:                           Early
Minimum rainfall (mm):      350
Seeding rate:                    kg/Ha
Dryland:                           60 – 80
High rainfall/irrigation:      80 - 120

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